Sindh health minister oppose the decision to reopening of primary school.


The Health minister of Sindh Dr.Azra Fazal on Wednesday opposed the decision to reopening of primary schools in Sindh. She said that schools should not open up until the pandemic is completely over. There is risk of second and third wave of virus across the country.
In a video message, she said that the children were vulnerable and unable to maintain social distancing and this could increase the risk of Covid spreading in institutions.
“Socialization is part of human nature. We are social creatures and it is in our nature to be close to each other,” she further added
She said : older children can follow Sops and can maintain the social distancing but the primary school students they are innocent and government should think about the decision before reopening of schools .
In response, the All Sindh Private Schools and Colleges Association (ASPSCA) condemned the health minister’s statement.


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