Taleemabad, Telenor Pakistan join hands to serve students

Taleemabad, Telenor Pakistan join hands to serve students
Taleemabad, Telenor Pakistan join hands to serve students


Taleemabad, in partnership with Telenor Pakistan, has launched the digital version of SNC for the primary grade students on the Taleemabad Learning App.

The animated videos that have been created by academic experts and teach in a highly engaging manner, with the Pakistani context embedded in them.

The content is designed around localized characters in scenarios that a Pakistani child may see around them in their surroundings.

“Through our content, we push a child’s imagination by showing a futuristic world where they can solve the most pressing problems through experiments and application of concepts which goes beyond the limits defined by Science”, said Sabeena Abbasi, Chief Digital Learning Officer at Taleemabad.“We want children to fall in love with education and become independent learners,” she continued.

Telenor, being Taleemabad’s strategic partner has supported the content for these videos.

The telecommunication company has been a source of constant support for Taleemabad in its aim to revolutionize education. The Taleemabad Learning app, which has over 1.2 million users, not only provides engaging content but is also providing learning opportunities for children around the clock.

The head of sustainability at Telenor Pakistan, Abdullah Abdur Rehman said that Pakistan has more than 22 million out of school children that is the second highest number in the world, mostly due to socio economic gaps.

He maintained that Telenor joined hands with Taleemabad for the purpose to educate the children of Pakistan and let the young generation know about the digital education and skills.


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