Taliban insurgents killed in eastern Afghanistan

Taliban insurgents killed in eastern Afghanistan

Taliban insurgents killed in eastern Afghanistan

Afghan security forces have killed 65 Taliban militants during an intense battle in eastern Afghanistan.

The latest bloodshed came late Wednesday after the Taliban stormed in a military headquarters building in the Wazi Khwa district of Paktika province.

Paktika police spokesman Shah Mohammad Arian told AFP that “The fight lasted several hours and in a retaliatory attack by the Afghan forces, the Taliban suffered heavy casualties,”.

So far, 65 Taliban terrorists were killed, and 35 others were wounded. Unfortunately, three policemen were martyred and six others wounded.”
The violence started as Taliban, and Afghan government negotiators are meeting in Doha, where they are trying to find a way to end 19 years of war.

Bakhtiar Gul Zadran, the head of Paktika provincial council, confirmed the death of 65 insurgents whereas the Taliban’s did not make any comment about the incident


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