The American magazine “Foreign Policy” exposed India’s links with ISIS to the world

The American magazine

US magazine exposes the disgusting face of India involved in global terrorism Declared a threat. The American magazine claims that India has used ISIS to promote extremist, terrorist ideologies.

The American magazine has warned the world that Indian terrorism has historically been hidden from the eyes of the world, India’s extremist policy is a destructive threat, if Indian terrorism is not noticed, it will have far-reaching effects.

Foreign Policy magazine says ISIL’s prison attack in Afghanistan in August has raised the emerging threat, with Indian leadership taking a new turn in a new wave of terrorist attacks in various countries. ISIL and Indian nexus shocked the world with the bombing of Sri Lanka in 2019, the attack on a club in Turkey in 2017, New York, Stockholm, the involvement of India in the planning of these attacks is disturbing.

The American magazine has said in its report that India’s involvement in terrorism is not a new thing, it is the basis for the promotion of Taliban ideology in India, the same elements present in India in Kashmir also created tension. There is evidence of India’s links and patronage with terrorists in Pakistan and Afghanistan. India has been involved in terrorist activities in the region before. The American magazine also says that India has used ISIS to promote extremism and terrorist ideology, India has used young people to promote extremism, Indian terrorists in the fight against Syria and ISIS in Afghanistan. There is evidence of fighting together.

The American magazine added that there had been a clear increase in terrorist activities from ISIS, the Indian Nexus, the 2016 attack on Ataturk Airport, there is evidence of an underground attack on Petersburg. Indian terrorists took part in operations based in Afghanistan and Syria, while Indian terrorists were involved in the attack on the Sikh Gurdwara in Kabul. Foreign policy has also revealed that ISIL had formally declared terrorist groups in India, the same ISIL group is also involved in Kashmir. At the same time, the United Nations has also revealed terrorist groups in Kerala, Karnataka. ISIL mentioned three comrades who died in Kashmir in its Al-Bana magazine, while a Hindu was also linked to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed of 9/11.

In its report, Foreign Policy also acknowledged that Modi, a pro-Hindutva ideologue in India, has promoted Hindu nationalism and that Hinduism itself poses a threat to regional and global terrorist activities.


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