The brothers of PML-N’s female member of the National Assembly beats Talal Chaudhry.

The brothers of PML-N's female

The brothers of PML-N's femaleISLAMABAD: The brothers of PML-N’s female members of the National Assembly have allegedly slapped their party leader Talal Chaudhry. According to media reports, there has been a long affair between the two, after which the female MNA she ended her friendship with him and established relations with another political leader. After that Talal Chaudhry’s attempt not to leave the MNA and break into her house, the female MNA’s brothers decided to explain the language of shoes to Talal Chaudhry and grabbed him. They beat Talal Chaudhry and currently he is admitted to the National Hospital in Lahore. Several bones of his body have been broken, and he has undergone surgery.


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