The Hindu family who migrated to India returned to Pakistan

The Hindu family who migrated to India returned to Pakistan.

The Hindu family who migrated to India returned to Pakistan.

Hindu family who migrated to India returns to Pakistan, exposes the Modi government. Big talk and zero work. After hearing the Modi government’s big claims, Prime Minister Modi’s real face was also exposed to the Hindu family who went to India. That is why the Hindu family felt safe when they returned to Pakistan.

Explaining the problems faced by the Hindu family in India, he said that they had to live in huts in India, left the life of a cosmopolitan, and returned to their homeland. Ghotki has been sent to his hometown.

The family says that the Modi government showed them the green garden, they migrated to India for a prosperous life. When they arrived there, all the Indian government’s promises turned out to be false. We were living in huts in horrible conditions, in Pakistan, Life was much better.

He further said that he is happy to be back, many more families are also returning to Pakistan, this country is ours, our ancestors are here, we get protection here.

Shivak Ram, a beekeeper who went to India, said that we were called to India after having a dream, but we got nothing but humiliation there. Modi government has narrowed the ground for lower-class Hindus in India. Hindus are not even considered human beings, and lower caste people cannot go to worship places. We have freedom in Pakistan; we worship in our places of worship.

Mukhi Shivak Ram added that Muslims in Pakistan celebrate Holi with their Hindu brethren, but Holi is celebrated with Muslims’ blood in India.


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