The monsoon rains have ruined karachi.

The monsoon rains have ruined karachi.

The monsoon rains have ruined karachi.

In Karachi, stormy rain spell destroyed, 14 people, including three children, lost their lives in electric shocks and other in  accidents. Three children drowned in mahmoodabad hill top drainage, due to emergency, there is a public holiday in the province today.

The monsoon rains have ruined Karachi. The clouds merged with the rainwater, and several feet of water accumulated on the roads. The highest rainfall of 230 mm was recorded at Faisal Base yesterday. 195 mm of rain fell in Surjani Town, 169 mm in Kemari and 162 mm in Nazimabad.

Relief activities are also underway in different areas after the rain. In new nazimabad, the edhi foundation conducted a rescue operation, on the roofs of the house, refugees were shifted to a safe place. Electricity could not be restored in several areas since the rain. Quaidabad gulshan-e-hadeed, the closure of electricity in gulshan-e-maymar passed 24 hours. Many areas including shah faisal colony, green town, solar society are also affected. Due to water, people left the vehicles on the road.


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