The number of daily corona victims in France has risen to more than 10,000.

The number of daily corona victims in France has risen to more than 10,000

The number of daily corona victims in France has risen to more than 10,000Corona wars are raging in many parts of the world, including Europe. The second wave of corona virus is facing the world, while in some countries, the first wave is causing a steady increase in the number of victims and deaths.

In France, where efforts are being made to contain the latest wave of corona, there has been a record daily increase in new cases. According to French health officials on Saturday, the virus was confirmed in 10,561 people in one day, while more than 9,000 cases were reported on Friday.

With new cases, the number of patients undergoing treatment and intensive care is also increasing. Doctors urged to avoid gatherings.

On September 12, more than two thousand new patients had been sent to the hospital, more than the number admitted on Friday. Seventy-five people are being kept in intensive care.

The corona virus killed 17 people on Saturday. More than 30,000 deaths have been recorded in France so far. France is the seventh most affected country in the world in terms of the death toll.

French authorities have designated 12 areas of the country as “dangerous” or “red zones” that are at risk of contracting the virus.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex warned on Friday that Corona’s condition in the country was deteriorating and that the recently have seen a big enlargement in hospital admissions of people infected with Covid-19 was particularly worrying.

The French prime minister said in a statement that “we must succeed in living with the virus without having to return to the idea of ​​a lockdown in general.”

Prime Minister Jean Castex was feared to have been corona, but his test was negative. He called on coastal cities and the island of Guadeloupe to implement “new additional measures” in their respective areas.

On the other hand, the Tour de France organizers have banned spectators from gathering at the places where the race begins and ends. In addition, gatherings in the red zone have been banned at locations along the race route.


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