Thousands of Israelis continue to protest against Netanyahu.

Thousands of Israelis continue to protest against Netanyahu

Thousands of Israelis continue to protest against NetanyahuAccording to Al-Arabi media, thousands of protesters took to the streets in Israel over the weekend, demanding the removal of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been accused of corruption.

In West Jerusalem, thousands gathered outside the prime minister’s official residence, while censors demonstrated further in other parts of Israel, including Caesarea, where Netanyahu has a house.

In recent weeks, Netanyahu has called for his resignation on several corruption charges and for his novel Coronavirus Crisis. These usually occur after Shabbat on Saturdays and despite the concerns raised in public gatherings, as the nation faces an increasing incidence of coronavirus cases.

Ya’ara Peretz, promoting a heatwave for a rally in Jerusalem, explained that the protest movement shows how many Israelis are fed up with Netanyahu.

The protesters have a common vision, they want a big change in the political system.

Israel pays tribute to its initial reaction to the spread of Code-19. However, the Israeli government has come under fire for resuming talks following the lifting of sanctions in late April.

Netanyahu acknowledged that the economy was soon reopened. (AP Photo / Audit Bucket) On Thursday, Israel announced a new lockdown that affected 30 areas as it determined the rate of infection per person in the world and the number of deaths of nearly a thousand.


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