Today’s Pakistan is the one dreamt by our elders?

Today’s Pakistan is the one dreamt by our elders?
Today’s Pakistan is the one dreamt by our elders?

The nation is going to celebrate the independence day of Pakistan on August 14, with traditional enthusiasm. The living nations celebrate the country’s independence with a renewed pledge of Thanksgiving.
The nation should also know that we were not offered freedom on the plate.
For this freedom, our elders offered unmatched sacrifices. Millions of people had to pass through the river of fire and blood to get freedom, passing through the river of fire and blood, they were martyred, but the caravan remained free and got freedom.
The attainment of freedom was certainly a very difficult step in which the mercy and guidance of the Lord almighty were obtained. The one who has given such a blessing as freedom will be less thankful to the Lord almighty.
The total acquisition was the struggle of Pakistan and today the struggle of the country is needed.
Today we need a spirit like Pakistan Freedom Movement. We have to become a nation again with nationalities. How do we resolve the intentional or unintentional mistakes we have made to this day?
The rulers know this and they have to think. That nothing is good to look at the journey till today after independence, it seems that we are not going back and forth.
Today’s Pakistan is not the one dreamed by our elders and achieved by making numerous sacrifices to achieve. But instead of using them, we have kept the country in debt.
Did Quaid e Azam and Allama Iqbal dream for such a Pakistan? In the days of independence, whenever the question was asked from the founder, he used to say that the Lord Almighty has given us the constitution and the constitution in the form of the Quran fourteen hundred years ago. This will be the constitution and constitution of Pakistan. We do not need any other protocol. Which country was acquired in the name of Islam?
Even after 74 years have passed, the Islamic republic is not able to call Pakistan. The generations who sacrificed to get Pakistan are worried about two-time bread.
The rulers are living a life of luxury. What will be the value of Pakistan for such people who did not even shed a drop of blood for Pakistan’s independence?
The political and government leaders of the country have to think that till today, why we could not achieve the goals for which the Muslims of the subcontinent felt the need to get a separate region. If we are still committed to achieving self-reliance, power has made us rich in resources, which can be used to change the speech of nation and country?


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