Trump has threatened to challenge the outcome if he loses the election.

Trump has threatened to challenge the outcome if he loses the election.

USA President Donald Trump has threatened that legal action takes place if he loses the presidential election, while election trends show that the USA presidential candidate is behind Biden.

Addressing reporters in Washington, Donald Trump said that he was preparing to declare victory on election night before receiving official vote count figures but claimed that two swing states, Where there is a mixed voter turnout. Nevada and Pennsylvania are likely to have fraud and misuse in the vote count, the current governors of both states are Democrats.

Referring to the USA Supreme Court decision, Donald Trump said: “I think it’s a terrible thing that ballots can be collected even after the election. Under this decision, the ballots can be counted up to three days after the election in the state of Pennsylvania.”As soon as the election is over, we will contact our lawyers. Speaking to the reporters in North Carolina, the president added: “I don’t think it’s fair that we have to wait so long after the election to declare victory.

In some USA states, including Pennsylvania, the voting process does not start by the post-process through which the election process slows down. The USA president has repeatedly said without evidence that postal voting could be fraudulent. Still, experts say that it is unlikely to happen and also that postal voting is an old practice in USA elections. Such as in 2016, one in every four belts was cast this way.

On the one hand, Democrats are securing voting by post during the global epidemic of covid-19. On the other hand, the US President and pro-Republicans on election day, depending on the self-rigged vote results from October 27 to 29. According to the poll, Biden has a 51 percent lead over 43, but in Florida, North Carolina, and Arizona, the race may be up and down. According to the USA Election Project, about 92.2 million pre-election votes have been cast, 40 percent of the electorate.


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