UAE accuses Turkey of spreading chaos in Arab countries at UN

UAE accuses Turkey of spreading chaos in Arab countries

Turkey pursues aggressive policy, accuses UAE . The United Arab Emirates has spoken out against Turkey’s policy towards Arab countries, filed a complaint with the UN Security Council against Turkey’s interference in the region, and the United Arab Emirates has accused Ankara of spreading chaos in the Arab world. In a message to the Security Council, the UAE stressed that Turkey threatens to use migrants to achieve its southern goals. Ankara pursues an aggressive foreign policy; Turkey has become a transit point for ISIS fighters in Afghanistan and Central Asia. After that, Turkey now targets Arab countries where it is trying to spread chaos. In a statement, the UAE told the Security Council that Turkey was interfering in the internal affairs of Syria and the Arab world, as well as human rights abuses. Turkey’s intervention in Libya is not hidden from anyone, with the UAE accusing Turkey of trying to divert attention from its dangerous behavior.


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