UAE ‘Minister Of Tolerance’ Sexually Assaulted A British Woman

UAE ‘Minister Of Tolerance’ Sexually Assaulted A British Woman

The Sunday Times reports that Caitlin McNamara, alleges she was assaulted by Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, the Minister of Tolerance of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).McNamara said that Al-Nahyan tried to contact her several times. A British woman has cited a senior Emirati royal of sexually assaulting her while working on the set up of the Hay literary festival in Abu Dhabi.

McNamara had been interviewed by Scotland Yard, In which she said that she spent around six months operating at Sheikh Nahyan’s tolerance ministry, having been employed by the Hay festival to organize its first collaboration with the UAE. After formally inviting her for dinner, McNamara said that Sheikh Nahyan took her to a villa on a small island, which she believes that it would be the part of Abu Dhabi’s Al Gurm Resort. When she arrived at the villa, they had a professional conversation. A while later, al-Nahyan’s demeanour changed, and he proceeded to assault her several times sexually. McNamara said that al-Nahyan tried to contact her several times.

In Covid days British woman returned to London, but after some months she came to know that she lost her job. After the COVID-19 lockdown was lifted, McNamara went to the police to give a three-hour interview in east London and filed a criminal complaint against the minister.


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