UAE Passport World’s Most Powerful; India ranks 87, Pakistan 94

uae passport world’s most powerful; india ranks 87, pakistan 94
uae passport world’s most powerful; india ranks 87, pakistan 94

Arton Capital’s Global Passport Power Rank 2022 list released on Wednesday shows that the UAE passport has been ranked as the strongest and most powerful in the world.

The Passport Index 2022 ranks the world’s strongest and weakest passports. Passport classifications indicate how many countries one can enter without obtaining a visa.

The UAE passport has been described as the most powerful passport in the world as UAE citizens can travel to 180 countries without a visa.

Germany, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, and South Korea follow UAE. Citizens of these countries can travel to 173 countries without a visa.

Classification of Indian passports
In the list of strongest passports in the world, India is ranked 87th and the Pakistani passport is ranked 94th in this list.

Among other countries that rank lower are Iraq (ranked 95th), Syria (96th), and Afghanistan (97th).

Similarly, the people of the US, Poland, Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, New Zealand, Portugal, and Norway can travel to 172 countries without a visa.

Passports from every country in the world became powerful during this year because they are trying to acquire economic benefits by making travel facilities easier, The Express Tribune reported.


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