Under the guise of the corona, criminals use masks to hide their identities

Under the guise of the corona, criminals use masks to hide their identities

The global crisis of coronavirus has changed a lot in the world, face masks are also a grace of the same epidemic, in public places now every face is usually covered with masks, but this precautionary measure Helping criminal people to achieve their goals.

Before the crisis, any person hiding their face in public places, banks, jewelry shops, and places where there was a risk of the robbery was immediately noticed, but now everyone wearing a mask covers their face. This situation is disturbing for the people and the law enforcement agencies themselves.

Ishtiaq Ahmed, a senior journalist who spent the day in broad daylight in Sector I-8 of the federal capital Islamabad, said that if it had been before the crisis, I would have been alerted by the criminals who covered my face and chased me. As usual, one person who stole Rs 8 lacs from me was wearing a mask and the other was wearing a helmet. The mask gave him the best opportunity to hide his identity.

In this regard, a senior police officer said that the increase in crime has nothing to do with masks, but it has made it easier for criminals to escape after a crime, he said, adding that guards come and go at banks and other places. You can ask people to take off their masks and identify themselves so that people’s faces can be captured on camera.

He said that apart from masks, criminals can also be identified by their movements and residences. In the United States, the police are informing the public that if the accused hides his face during a crime, other identifying signs of it. Note the color of the face, clothing, shoes, and any other visible marks on the body to make it easier to identify the culprit.


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