What Exactly Happened At Minar-e-Pakistan?

What Exactly Happened At Minar e Pakistan?
What Exactly Happened At Minar e Pakistan?

For the past few days, there has been an uproar over the incident that happened at Minar Pakistan. News and social media build a Negative narrative about Pakistani society, especially Pakistani men. The most incredible thing here was that 400 people harassed a girl at one time. I confess that there are many innumerable defects in society. But in a public place, 400 people show such a low mindset at the same time. … It was incomprehensible to me.

And this type of incident never happened in the history of Pakistan. I am a social media activist for the past Two Years. I tried to examine the matter from different angles. The alleged incident at Minar e Pakistan happened on August 14, 2021, on August 17 it went viral on Twitter and then Facebook.

The incident happened on August 14 as recorded in the FIR. But on August 15, a Picture was shared from the girl’s Instagram account. I don’t understand that a girl who went through such a strange incident at night, in which, according to her, she was harassed, has scars all over her body, she uploaded her picture in glad mode after the incident. While she doesn’t talk about what happened to her. The next day, on August 16, she goes to the police station with two of her friends to file an FIR, and on August 17, the Twitter trend begins.

On this subject, the first Twitter trend was created against Pakistani society. After which we Pakistanis found out that something had happened. In line with our public and general psyche, without research and verification, most people’s posts were starting to look like this.
“In our country…”
“In our society…..”
“In a beast male-dominated society….”
“All our men have become ignorant…”
“In this country, not having a daughter is a blessing…”

Everybody was seriously expressing his feelings with these sentences which will probably end in few days. But the trauma that has been unleashed on this society and the environment that has been created for the well-respected ladies and gentlemen as a result of this untested and unverified behavior will surely have lasting effects.

Well, doing some research on the trend. That trend was slightly different from the general trend. Hashtags are commonly used to mark an incident that has become a trend with public power. But here’s were the “Tagline / Word” on the Twitter panel.
Remember making Tagline/word a Trend is a much harder task than hashtags. Only experienced people can do that.

Then the video went viral from the account of the girl who ran this campaign. This sentence is clearly written in her account bio.

“DM/contact Me for promotion.”

These phrases are often written by digital marketers in their account bio. Digital marketing is marketing on social media where different people advertise you or your product for the money. In this trend, Pakistan, Pakistani men, and Pakistani society were criticized.

According to eyewitnesses and preliminary investigation, the girl was accompanied by six boys, four of whom were given the responsibility of making videos and two boys were taking selfies with different boys (fans) in different poses with the girl. What kind of poses were made? You can see them in the viral photos. Then some fans crossed the limit and started making nasty moves. But there were four hundred people. Who counted it?


Many people asked the girl that what she was doing was not appropriate but she did not listen. Nor has it been proven that the girl has been stripped naked. The girl was taken out of there but she came back while she could have gone easily but she did not go. strange! So far, only two videos of the incident have gone viral, and all the videos of the girl who went viral
In some videos, of her in the Past she can be seen doing nasty things. Those videos have been deleted from her account. It is also important to note that the last three days have seen a huge increase in the girl’s social media followers.

Another strange thing is that the address that the girl given in the FIR is fake. The truth of this incident is certainly clear from all these questions. Remember, the purpose of writing all this is not to call the mob innocent, they are culprits. a hundred people were also caught by the police. The situation seems that they should be punished

But my point is that maybe someone else than the mob is also responsible. If the girl did all this for the sake of fame, then the girl and the journalists who to “Cash” the incident without investigation. They destroyed the image of the country for PR and some money.
Are also, Culprits.

The rest of us are the people, we did our part because of our irrationality, ignorance, haste, and stupidity. I would also like to point out that no such act, wherever it may be, can be justified, nor is the purpose of writing this blog to justify such attitudes. Rather, it should be noted that whenever there is an unusual event, we must investigate that from different angles. In ignorance, we damage ourselves, our country, our relationships, and our religion.

Someone said:
“Remember that one day you may have to prove what you are saying in a court of law. Or this world or the hereafter!”

So, you should not share anything without investigation and verification. And also wait for a while to forward that to others. May Allah Almighty give us wisdom and awareness and protect us in this time of trouble (Ameen) .


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