Why did Ertugrul Ghazi’s character “Duan” apologized to Pakistanis!

Why did Ertugrul Ghazi's character Duan apologized to Pakistanis

Why did Ertugrul Ghazi's character Duan apologized to PakistanisCavit Cetin Guner (Dogan Alp) one of the main characters in the popular Turkish drama Ertugrul Ghazi changed his mind about coming to Pakistan. A video of Javed Jaiten with a Pakistani lawyer, Musawar Abbasi, surfaced in early August. He expressed his happiness and said that he is coming to Pakistan soon as a guest of Abbasi, after which the fans of Ertugrul Ghazi drama in Pakistan were anxiously waiting for their favorite actor.

I was lied to in the name of calling Pakistan, Cavit Cetin Guner
But now Javed Jaiten has shared the post in the Urdu language. “I apologize to the people of Pakistan. Through a friend in Turkey, he met a lawyer named Musawar Abbasi. We talked and agreed on a business plan. It later emerged that the business plan was not based on reality and that Abbasi had lied. We have mutual love with Pakistan’s people, but I will not visit Pakistan because of the circumstances described. I hope to meet trustworthy people and see you soon. ”

Musawar Abbasi said that I did not create misunderstandings. Your agent Kashif misrepresented, after this post of the Turkish actor, the Musawar Abbasi answer has also come to light. In which Musawar Abbasi’s position is that we Pakistanis love you. Pakistan is the only country where you are seen the most. What you have written against me is actually about the reputation of my country. The fact is that your agent Kashif also took money from me for the video you made of me coming to Pakistan and asked for advance money for your forty-eight-hour visit to Pakistan. Now he is saying that you can come to Pakistan for only twelve hours. We had arranged your meetings with Pakistan’s top officials, which cannot be done in twelve hours. The fact is, my brother that your Pakistani agent Kashif is blackmailing us for more money and misleading you. We still love you today and invite you to come to Pakistan as per the agreement’s terms. You should have contacted us before posting false allegations on social media. ”

After these posts by Turkish actor Cavit Cetin and Pakistani lawyer Musawar Abbasi, our sources have contacted the lawyer. He cleared the issue, According to which some people are trying to spoil Pakistan-Turkey relations. Turkish actors Are busily deviating from Pakistan for their benefit. Still, we will not allow this to happen.

When we tried to find out the inside story from our sources, we were told that Kashif knew Turkish actor Cavit Cetin. He met Cavit Cetin with Abbasi at a restaurant, while the Turkish actor made a video of his visit to Pakistan. A man named Kashif arranged an amount in US dollars for Cavit Cetin from Abbasi and asked for his commission separately. In response, requested less in amount by the Abbasi was offered, and Pakistan was asked to bear all the expenses of arrival and accommodation. On which matters could not be settled, and the Abbasi returned to Pakistan. From this situation, it seems that Javed Jaiten was kept unaware, after which a glorious post in Urdu by Turkish actor Cavit Cetin and an explanation of Abbasi has come to light.

Cavit Cetin and Musawar Abbasi recently had a meeting where they cleared all of their misunderstandings, and Cavit Cetin has decided to come to Pakistan soon.


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