Will chocolate and coffee disappear from the world?

Will chocolate and coffee disappear from the world?
Will chocolate and coffee disappear from the world?

Rising temperatures and climate change will eliminate some of the foods from our daily lives, most notably coffee and tea.

The bad news for coffee and tea lovers is that coffee will be extinct by 2080.

So enjoy your tea or coffee right now.

Rising global temperatures could reduce coffee-producing areas by 2050

It is said that by 2080, wild coffee varieties will be almost extinct.

Tanzania, a major coffee exporter, has halved coffee production in the last 50 years.

Favorite vegetable potato has also been reported by the British media that in 2018, the potato crop in the UK saw a decrease of a quarter.

Cocoa beans are also likely to be affected by climate change in the near future.

Cocoa beans need a lot of moisture with high temperatures, but the most important thing is durability.

Indonesia and African countries, responsible for two-thirds of the world’s cocoa exports, have started growing other more reliable crops, such as palm and rubber, instead of cocoa.


Temperatures are expected to rise by another two degrees in Ghana and Ivory Coast over a 40-year period. As a result, you will no longer be able to get cheap chocolate.


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