Modi warns China of boundaries


Saturday, India’s prime minister, with his most critical address to China on deadly border tensions during the year, Narendra Modi issued a new alert to pledge a more strong army.

Modi announced that India’s hegemony was “over” an independence day ceremony, since it spoke about promoting military build-up of the Himalayan border region.
About half of speakers and 4,000 people, sitting two feet apart, attended the historic Red Fort in New Delhi, owing to the pandemic of corona virus.
The Hindu nationalist Prime Minister has spoken on his contested borders without naming any government regarding the confrontation between Pakistan and China.
In his words he said, “He who looks at the country sovereignty.” He was challenged by the nation’s army.
What we should do, what our military will do, everybody has seen in Ladakh “referring to the Chinese border battle in the Himalayans of Ladakh on 15 June.”

Twenty Indian soldiers were killed with a baton, stones and guns during the confrontation between the two sides.

China has also acknowledged that losses have occurred, even without counting.
Since then, ten thousand Indians and Chinese troops have been stationed in the region, and they have fought the 1962 border war. We ‘re in charge of the difficulties. All of them were culpable.

Modi emphasized that no land was lost in war, but military observers were using satellite imagery to counter the decades-long invasion of Chinese border forces.

Moreover, India used the economic arms of China. A total of 50 apps have been blocked and further measures have been undertaken to remove Chinese companies from contracts and block their goods, including the main TikTok platform for video-sharing.
Modi said that “security, growth and trust” are now synonyms for ties between neighborhoods.

He said, “It’s not just a friend of mine of our country, it’s also someone who shares our hearts.

He said 1,4 million troops should exist.

He stressed India ‘s efforts towards self-reliance upon its defense development, “India is equally committed to its stability and to strengthening its military’s struggle for peace and harmony.”


Modi also pointed out that his goal was to eliminate India from the corona virus crisis.

India will kill 50,000 to 3 million people a week in the coming days. China is only now behind Brazil and the US in terms of the overall number of cases with the world’s highest cases.

Modi reiterated its electoral commitment to invest $1.3 billion on seven,000 projects in infrastructure “to bring us out of the pandemic” as the economy expects to decline in this year.


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