Yasir Hussain called Ertugrul Stars international garbage.

Yasir Hussain called Ertugrul Stars international garbage

Yasir Hussain called Ertugrul Stars international garbagePakistani actor Yasir Hussain called the actors of Turkish drama serial Ertugrul global garbage. In a recent Instagram story, Yasir Hussain shared a photo of two Pakistanis who looked like Turkish actors and wrote, “No one will ask them because the house chicken is equal to the lentils and the garbage outside is equal to the wealth.”

According to the Express Tribune, when the screenshot of Yasir Hussain’s story came out, and actress Anusha Ashraf wrote, “Yasir, keep in mind that there is no rubbish, and even if you can’t like his work, actors from all over the world Should be respected, “Emphasizing on mutual respect, he added that everyone from across the globe has their efforts, it can be said that if even one of the items in the series can open the eyes, then Ertugrul is far from garbage.

Anusha Ashraf said that people are finally rejecting garbage now, work at home, and see better scripts, shows, and budgets. Because of the presence of someone in Pakistan, so we should thank the foreign dramas that encouraged the boys to come forward, we have to see the good.”


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