Youngsters living in huts and selling ‘Pani Puri’ also became part of the IPL

Youngsters living in huts and selling 'Pani Puri' also became part of the IPL

Youngsters living in huts and selling 'Pani Puri' also became part of the IPL

The young man who lived in a hut and made a living by selling ‘Pani Puri’ also became a part of IPL. Which team bought it for millions of dollars, and what is its story? Let the spirit of every youth become young knowingly.

New Delhi: Yashaswi Jaspal left home at the age of 8 in love with cricket. At the age of 18, he has found the meaning of his dreams for the current edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) become part of the Rajasthan Royals for a 3 million dollars also provided facility.

According to details, Jaspal, born in UP on December 28, 2001, arrived in Mumbai at the age of 8, intending to become a professional cricketer and moved to Mumbai with his father and lived in a hut near the cricket ground. He was also busy on the cricket field. His fortunes woke up three years ago, and cricket coach Jalwa Singh, while practicing batting on the field, assessed his ability and potential and included him in his cricket academy as well as accommodation at his residence.

Jaspal set a record by scoring a triple century in a match of the school cricket tournament, taking 13 wickets. After joining the Mumbai U-16 cricket team, he became part of the India U-19 cricket team for the World Junior Cup 2020 and excelled. He managed to leave their mark.

Yashaswi Jaspal scored a double century in his first match in the Vijay Hazare Trophy, playing an innings of 203 off 154 balls and breaking the 50-year-old record being the youngest cricketer in A cricket. Rajasthan Royals won Jaspal’s bid for 327,000 dollars, starting from 27,000 Dollars in the IPL, and now he is dreaming of joining the Indian cricket team and winning the Test cricket cap.


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