Youth Council Pakistan Celebrated its 6th Foundation Day

“Youth Council Pakistan Celebrated its 6th Foundation Day”
“Youth Council Pakistan Celebrated its 6th Foundation Day”

Youth Council Pakistan celebrated its 6th foundation day on 4th December 2022 and remained in the top trend on Twitter #YCPFoundationDay. On this occasion, President Muhammad Shehzad Khan has said that the struggle of the Youth Council Pakistan for 6 years is close to fruition, the political, educational, economical, and moral empowerment of youth in the country is our mission and I am hopeful to achieve it sooner or later but definite.

In his message issued on the 6th foundation day of Youth Council Pakistan, the Council’s President said that YCP is the only youth platform in the country which has its roots in the people. He said that Youth Council Pakistan faced the most difficult situations with courage and bravery and served this motherland during difficult situations. He further said that living nations critically evaluate their past and present. We also have to learn from our mistakes as a youth platform, state, and nation at our own level.

President Muhammad Shehzad Khan said that Youth Council Pakistan is an idea. An idea that is stronger than any army, bigger than any ocean, and more powerful than any authoritarian. It gives hope to the downtrodden youth of Pakistan, guarantees that every young person of Pakistan is treated with dignity and honor, it assures leadership opportunities to learn and groom the youth in a manner that they become the future leaders of our country. It instills in every young mind in this country, the belief that no matter where you start in life, there’s nothing you can’t achieve if you work for it. Our target is to give a voice to youngsters and help them achieve their dreams and that is what we believe and strive towards accomplishing.

President Muhammad Shehzad Khan has paid tribute to the Council’s leadership and members for their great struggle for youth empowerment, and the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. He said that I believe in the youth of Pakistan that they can take out this country of the political and economic crisis, counter the emergence of terrorism, and contribute to global peace and environmental sustainability.


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