Complaints surface against Tiger Force


LAHORE:Despite Covid-19 ‘s threats dissipating, the Punjab administration agreed to celebrate Tiger Force Day on Sunday (today). The Punjab administration has locked up with various trade grievances and “illegal fines.”

A news conference on Saturday, Mahmoud Uzman Dar, Special Adjutant to PM on Youth Affairs, expressed strong hopes with the members of the Tiger Force but several business sections, trademen and shopkeepers told various stories of the members of the force’s illegal practices.
Different traders and traders complained to the Express Tribune that the leaders of the Tiger Force were engaged in extortion while locking them.

Zubair, an owner of a pictureshop, revealed that Tiger Force members raided their market to verify the lockdown. They brought locks into seal shops that could then be opened without official receiving after payment of Rs3,000 to Rs5,000.

He revealed that the members of the Tiger Force were in the high school building. They target markets, stores and shopkeepers at school say that they’re paying the fine. Many shopkeepers had to pay ‘illegal fines’ to sustain their company.

Another customer underlines the lockout has a dramatic effect on any business in a state of anonymity. The extortion of local policemen and young Tigers ‘Forces and exploitation had further aggravated small traders’ situation, he said. He also claimed that, while the forces leaders did not have the power to put an amend on their own, they continued to enforce unlawful restrictions on shopkeepers. During the freeze, the police were still on a cash mint, he alleged.

In the meantime, Dar tried to dispel the idea that members of the Tiger Force were involved in extortion or illegal activity. He emphasized that the government had issued Tiger Force volunteers with identification cards and no Tiger Forces member could operate on his own according to their code of conduct.

Although the government has no complaints about the misconduct of Tiger Force, he maintained that if some people were involved in such activity.

It said the authorities decided to plant a million saplings in the entire province with the members of the Tigers Force.

Usman Dar, critical of Sindh ‘s government, said 154,000 young people from the Tiger Force waiting to help the government of Sindh but the tiger force has been politized continuously by the Sindh chief minister, Murad Ali Shah.


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