Fingerprint-enabled ‘Smart USB’ will be introduced soon.

Fingerprint-enabled 'Smart USB' will be introduced soon.
Fingerprint-enabled 'Smart USB' will be introduced soon.

No one can steal your valuable data stored in the world’s first smart USB because it closes and opens with a fingerprint. The USB has been dubbed the Vava Touch USB, which will soon be available in one and two terabytes of capacity.

Ten people can register their fingerprints on this USB. This way a lot of confidential data can be kept hidden from others. A San Francisco-based company has put this important invention on a crowdfunding website and is fully prepared, but it may take some time in the wake of the Covid epidemic.

The Vava SSD Touch can be used for all kinds of PCs, Apple Macs, iPad Pros, Android devices, gaming consoles, cameras, and tablets. One terabyte USB is priced at 14 149 while two terabyte USB you can buy for 26 269.


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