Two Reaction of the states on Israel UAE normalized diplomatic accord

Iran, Turkey lash out at UAE over agreement with Israel

The UAE has came out as the first Arab state to make a deal on normalizing relation with Israel and the agreement is to be called “Abraham Agreement” declared by US President Donald Trump on 13 august 2020, to secures an Israeli promise to stop further occupation of Palestinian lands in the occupied West Bank.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he agreed to stop the occupation as part of the deal with the UAE, but the plans remain on the table. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas criticize the deal the Palestinian leaders reject and criticize the UAE, Israeli and US trilateral, involvement.
Hamas rejected the US-organized deal establishing formal ties between Israel and the UAE in exchange for Israel dropping its plans to annex land in the occupied West Bank, saying it did not serve the cause of the Palestinian
According to,” Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem statement “This agreement does not serve the Palestinian problem, it rather serves the Zionist narrative. This agreement encourages the occupation to continue its denial of the rights of Palestinian people, and even to continue its crimes against people”
Jordan said that the UAE-Israel deal could push forward interrupt peace negotiations if it succeeds in digging Israel to accept a Palestinian state on land that Israel had occupied in the 1967 Arab-Israeli War.
“If Israel dealt with it as an incentive to end occupation … it will move the region towards a just peace,” Jordan’s Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said in a statement on state media.
Israel’s failure to do this would only deepen the decades-long Arab-Israeli conflict and threaten the security of the region as a whole,Safadi said the agreement must be followed by Israel ending any unilateral moves to annex territory in the occupied West Bank that “obstruct peace prospects and violate Palestinian rights”.
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, a close friend of the UAE, welcomed the accord.
Like Egypt the Gulf state Bahrain also welcomed the accord between Israel and UAE and said in the agency news BNA “ Bahrain is a small island state which is close ally of Saudi Arabia and it has not yet said anything about the agreement.
Bahrain admired the United States for its hard works towards securing the deal.

Iran just condemned the accord between Israel and the UAE to ties, calling it an act of “strategic stupidity” that will only strengthen the Iran-backed “axis of resistance”. The Iranian foreign ministry denounced the deal as an act of “strategic stupidity”
Turkey also condemned the agreement.
The western nations took this agreements as a peace deal and good will for the upcoming time


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